Entry #1

A Coming Project

2008-09-15 15:49:48 by dxprog

As I delve ever deeper into the lore of ActionScript 3.0, I feel compelled to write a game. But not just any game. We're talking about Tetris f---ing Attack (aka as "Puzzle League in more recent bastardizations"). I've already begin preliminary work on the game, but unfortunately I'm now buried under shoot schedules so development has come to a crawl. But I assure you that sometime in the near future I will release this beast upon the world. Actually, I would like to know know what the Newgrounds community thinks of the idea and whether or not anybody would be interested in signing up for the beta when I reach that point.

So, yeah, there it is.


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2008-10-28 06:07:51

hey that sounds pretty cool, tetris is awesome, i'll sign up for the beta.


2009-01-20 13:44:00

Yep, it's there.